Our pre-purchase reports help to take the guesswork out of buying property, providing our clients with the key information they need to ensure an informed and transparent buying process.

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Value One Property Consultants provide Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Reports across NSW.

Before you decide to purchase your premium commercial space, a dream luxury home, or a low cost unit as an investment, you need an accurate property valuation.

Our pre-purchase reports give you a methodical, objective, evidence-based assessment of the property that provides you with the information you really need before you make an important financial decision.

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Getting a pre-purchase valuation safeguards your investment. Our reports not only relates to the current state of the market, but also evaluates the probability of your property remaining a good prospect for years to come.

Our team of highly qualified professionals have a wealth of experience across all property types, from residential to commercial. We assess the value of the property using several recognised methodologies which guarantee the accuracy of our advice. Our personalised pre-purchase reports however, offer more than just an assessment of value and cover such things as:

  • The size, quality, functionality and overall appeal of the land and building
  • The condition and legal approval status of any building structures on the property
  • An assessment of market conditions and future indicators within your property’s specific locality
  • An evaluation of problematic issues with the property that need to be addressed
  • A comparison of directly comparable property sales, rentals and current listings in the area
  • An assessment of the investment worthiness of the property
  • Suggestions to help capitalise on any value add opportunities that we identify with the property
  • Other information relevant to the market value of the property

Property buyers use Value One Property Consultants because they know they’ll get an accurate and reliable valuation supported by empirical evidence – and one that’s completely independent. When you use us, you’ll be assigned a personal valuer – a fully licensed, experienced and qualified professional who’ll be your point of contact throughout the entire process.

Use us and we’ll give you:

  • A clear pre purchase valuation that you can trust, delivered by an experienced industry expert
  • A process of evaluation approved by the Australian Property Institute
  • Pre and post-valuation support and information delivered on a timely basis
  • Peace of mind as we are a truly independent company
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    Contact us for an obligation free chat to find out how we can help you with your next property purchase.

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